Helpful Info On How To Build A Bowling Ball Arsenal

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Building A Bowling Arsenal Can Be Difficult

Far too often, I see customers buying the bowling balls that they want versus what they need. Over time, if you continue to buy the same balls over and over again, you’re going to end up with a ton of overlapping balls and gaps.

This really comes down to two things: doing your homework and trusting your pro shop operator (PSO).

Buy Different Bowling Balls That Make Different Shapes

When purchasing bowling balls, try to find balls that give you varying shapes and varying amounts of hook. Find balls that compliment one another, not ones that mimic one another.

How Many Bowling Balls Should I Have In My League Bowling Arsenal

For league bowlers, I typically recommend a 4-5 ball arsenal, depending on whether you need a spare ball or not.

And within those 4-5 balls, you should have variance. You should have options. With 4-5 balls, you should have 4-5 options. If you don’t, you have an overlap.

Some people believe in starting their arsenal with the strongest ball in their bag and then building down. Others just buy as they go, without much planning involved. Personally, though, I always recommend starting somewhere in the middle.

What Bowling Ball Do I start With Out Of My Arsenal

When you are in a tournament, and you don’t know what you’re bowling on, you don’t start with the strongest ball in your bag, typically. You certainly don’t start with the weakest, do you? Ideally, you start in the middle, with your “benchmark ball” so that you are able to make an educated decision of balling up or down from there.

When building an arsenal, I recommend a similar approach; start in the middle.

Find your benchmark ball(s). Find one that is a little smoother down lane and one that is a little quicker. Both balls should be similar in terms of overall hook, but they should have very, very different ball motions; one should be earlier and smoother, the other should be cleaner and more angular.

From there, it really depends on the center you are bowling in. If it is a tighter center, maybe buy your big ball next. If it is a hooking center, maybe buy your burn ball next. This is a very personal decision that really comes down to your individual circumstance, but, either way, you’ll eventually need both, so it doesn’t really matter which way you go next, as long as you eventually get both.

The Final Piece To Making A Bowling Ball Arsenal

The final step to completing your arsenal comes down to whether or not you need a spare ball. If you need one, buy one. If you are confident without one, don’t buy one. I know that sounds simple, but it really is. So long as you’re making your spares, does it really matter?

So that is my general guideline for building a league arsenal. I don’t think you need anymore than four balls strike balls if they’re properly chosen. At least three, if you only feel you need one benchmark. Add in your spare ball — if needed — and you get to the four or five I mentioned in the beginning.

This is, though, just a general guideline. As I always mention, it is important that you have this conversation with your trusted PSO to find out whether or not this is applicable to you and — if it is — what balls you should or shouldn’t be looking at for your own personal arsenal.

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