A One Handed Jason Belmonte Bowls Pretty Damn Good Too!

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One Handed Belmo Is Good! 

As I am sure most of you seen — last week — Jason Belmonte take to Facebook to post his #OneHand video and his #NoHand video. In these videos — particularly the one-handed video — Belmonte shows off his versatility and skill.

As the hashtag eludes, the video is of Jason Belmonte throwing the ball with — you guessed it — one hand. And, to absolutely no one’s surprise, he throws it good one-handed, too.

And I think it is time to understand something: Jason Belmonte isn’t good because he bowls two-handed; he’s good because he’s good.

Is his two-handed style an advantage? Maybe. Sure. At times. But is it what makes him the best? Hardly.

Fundamentally speaking, I don’t know that anyone is better. His tempo, rhythm, timing, and lines are flawless. His game, though powerful, is about as simple, clean, and compact as it gets.

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Belmo Is Great Because He Is Great, Not Just 2 Hands

All of that, coupled with the power stemming from the two-handed delivery, and you’ve got the best player in the world — and he doesn’t have a whole lot of competition.

And, believe me, I know many people hate hearing this. But using the “oh, he’s two-handed” excuse is nonsensical.

Does being two-handed allow him to create more power? Absolutely. Does it help him harness it? Not at all. Does it help him repeat shots at the highest level? Does it help him to properly adjust to the ever-changing conditions? No. Absolutely not.

He is good because he is good. He wins because he is great. Trying to make excuses for why he wins is keeping you from enjoying his dominance. Instead of trying to make excuses, appreciate the best bowler in the world being at his best in the prime of his career.

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