As Popular Warminster Bowling Alley Reopens, Owner Knows Better Than Most How Dangerous COVID-19 Is

WARMINSTER, Pa. (CBS) — The owner of a popular Bucks County bowling alley is taking every precaution as she reopens her business. She knows better than most how dangerous COVID-19 can be.

Thunderbird Lanes in Warminster has some new features.

“Now that we’re reopened, you see what happens when you walk in,” Elaine Brumberg, the bowling alley’s owner, said.

Brumberg says she has done everything that she can to provide a clean, COVID-19-free atmosphere — temperature checks, sanitizers and plastic-wrapped shoes. It even has social distancing signs that remind you to stay six feet — that is 15 bowling pins apart.

All of which was perfect for a Saturday birthday party.

“If there is a situation where there are so many precautions in place then we’re OK with that,” Mary Sullivan, a bowler, said.

This after the 80-year-old contracted the virus herself.

“I was the lucky one. I had fatigue for two weeks,” Brumberg said, “where I couldn’t get out of bed.”

Her fiancé David did as well.

After 14 days on a ventilator, Brumberg says doctors told her every day they were not sure if he would make it. He’s now recovering at home after being released from the hospital.

“He can’t come back to work here. He is COVID free. I’m COVID free,” Brumberg said. “But people don’t realize how dangerous and until that day comes, where everyone wears masks and social distance, that’s the only way we’ll get rid of the virus.”

Brumberg says her bowling alley was closed for months, and the day she was able to finally walk back through these doors after beating the coronavirus was emotional.

“Heartbreaking. Heartbreaking and it’s still heartbreaking,” Brumberg said.

She’s now made it her mission to make the bowling alley as safe as possible, saying she’s turned away customers who won’t wear a mask.

“I’m frightened that they’ll close restaurants and bowling centers,” Brumberg said. “You can see the numbers rising again and it’s pretty frightening. That’s why we do everything we possibly can.”

Brumberg promised her fiancé they would still get married if he recovered. Their wedding is scheduled for October.

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