Striking A Balance: Bowlers adhering to protocols

Susan Jenior
Special to The Record-Courier

Despite the growing numbers in the COVID-19 pandemic, bowling lanes in greater Portage County have been able to open and welcome league bowlers as well as open bowling since July.

Bowling managers and proprietors figured it out to keep people safe, spreading bowlers out with open lanes in between families, marking tables where they should remain, sanitizing bowling balls and shoes along with everything else in the lanes.

As Portage Countians look toward colder weather, bowling may well provide the needed recreational activity much like golf did throughout the summer.

League bowlers have already been recording outstanding scores and youth bowlers are preparing for the high school bowling season with early leagues that end prior to the start of the OHSAA bowling on Nov. 14.


Despite bowling lanes opened and running, the Portage County USBC, with an abundance of caution, the board voted to postpone the upcoming scheduled tournaments.

Postponed tournaments include the Portage County Youth Tournament, Handicap Doubles and Handicap Singles.

The tournaments, along with the rest of the Portage County tournaments will be looked at again at the Jan. 17 meeting of the board to schedule new dates.

Anyone with a paid entry into one of the tournaments will be contacted to receive their refund.


The Senior Doubles league at Spins Bowl in Kent has been enjoying a fun start to their league, not only bowling outstanding scores but celebrating Halloween with a costume contest of league members.

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One thought on “Striking A Balance: Bowlers adhering to protocols

  1. Jim McGillicutee says:

    I don’t know anyone that wishes to bowl w/a mask on during this Plannedemic ! Kind of takes the entertainment out of the sport !

    I can see wiping the balls & equipment , but not wearing a mask due to the fact that this virus doesn’t seem to travel by air , nor masks do little if anything to slow the spread of a virus!
    If someone is sick they should stay home ! Don’t cowtown to bogus Government changing rules to keep everyone in fear !

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