Local bowling alley and patrons gear up for three-week shutdown

by Elise Dolinar/Ron Hilliard


GENESEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services emergency order includes entertainment venues, such as bowling alleys.

Some of people at are Richfield Bowl disappointed that the situation has come to this point, but bowlers say they understand the reason for the order.

However, the owner says more is at stake than just entertainment.

Bowlers are finally getting back to their games.

Richfield Bowl in Genesee Township reopened in September after being closed for half the year.

Avid bowler Stephanie Woods is glad to be back and said, “If we all do our part, we can get back to some form of normalcy.”

The alley put into place safety measure like keeping distance between lanes and cleaning equipment.

Woods said, “We’re all practicing social distancing and we’re washing our hands.”

But that won’t stop prevent the facility from temporarily shutting down after Tuesday night. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says the three-week closures are a response to rising covid-19 cases.

Nurse Andrea Teuber said, “I think it’s easy to get lax, especially if you don’t know someone personally that’s been sick; but I’m a nurse, so I see all the sick people.”

Teuber says she respects the decision, but she’s torn, “I’m fighting it on the frontline, but I also see how hard it is for small businesses to survive; and the only way we can do that is for people to work together.”

Her father, James Teuber is a co-owner of Richfield Bowl.

He said, “This time there’s not going to be any extra money, and I’m really concerned about my employees and their ability to survive another three weeks without any paycheck.”

James Teuber says he’s got 45 employees that’ll be out of work and is worried about his business too.

He’s not at full capacity but has to pay the majority of what he’d normally pay for bills.

James Teuber said, “I think to be really effective, shut it all down. I’m afraid that just trying to pick the cream off the top is going to get us in another three weeks looking at another three weeks.”

For now, some bowlers are okay with staying home.

Avid bowler Stephanie Woods said, “So, I can bowl for the next months after, the next years after, I certainly do.”

The order goes into effect Wednesday night at midnight, so Richfield Bowl will have more night of bowling.

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