Pete Weber Retires & Drops F-Bomb Live on Fox

Pete Weber drops f bomb when asked about some of his favorite memories



Tampa, Fla.— Pete Weber was never afraid to let his emotions flow and let you know exactly how he was feeling. Wednesday he announced his plans to retire from competing full-time on the PBA tour.

When asked about his biggest win Pete responded ” Probably the best one I ever had was winning the tournament of champions in 87, because that was something my family had never won. But winning my 5th US Open winning by a pin, throwing the strike to win. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE – I AM AND THATS F****** RIGHT I AM.” 


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One thought on “Pete Weber Retires & Drops F-Bomb Live on Fox

  1. JOE GALLO jr says:

    Hi Pete, Watched you for years so now have a Great Retirement with your wife and Family. I remember years ago Bowling in the Pro am with your DAD GREAT MAN. JOE GALLO jr and Family.

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