Storm Timeless Bowling Ball Review by Michael Cousins

With the release of Storm’s new Timeless, the most anticipated ball of the year has finally arrived. The Timeless pairs the innovative Dual-Drive weight block – which, essentially, is two weight blocks paired together as an inner-core and outer-core – with the proven R2S hybrid coverstock that Storm and bowling fans have grown to love over the years.

The new Storm Timeless is the first in what is sure to be a long line of Signature Series balls. But while this ball was designed with Jason Belmonte in mind, it is – in no way – a ball designed exclusively for two-handers.

After getting my hands on the all new Storm Timeless, I was amazed by its smooth, continuous shape and easy length through the front part of the lane. While many are comparing this ball to the already proven Storm Hyroad, I would argue that it is much, much stronger overall; the ball’s overall hook is most comparable to the IQ series.

I personally have the Timeless one to two boards weaker than my trusty, IQ 30th Anniversary, but much, much smoother. The two really compliment one another well. As for their current line, I cannot really compare it to another of Storm’s balls, which is what Storm wanted. With the Signature Series, Storm is attempting to make unique, “one-of-a-kind” balls, unlike anything else they have created before. And, honestly, I have to say that they have accomplished such with the new Storm Timeless.

Get into your local BowlersMart – or head to (Click here for the timeless) – to get yours today. You don’t want miss out on the most hyped ball of the year!

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