George Gohagan III – One of Today’s Top Amateurs

In our last installment for Black History Month, we’ll be looking at a modern day ambassador. He’s amongst the biggest names in amateur bowling, and, at the forefront of African American bowling. His name is George Gohagan III, and he’s amongst the very best amateur bowling has to offer.

Gohagan has been a big name in the amateur ranks for years and years now. He’s a multi-time OC titlist, he routinely bowls honor scores every week, and he’s in contention to win virtually every tournament he enters. He’s one of the absolute best left-handers around. And he is, in my opinion, the best African American bowler in the country today — and that’s no knock on all of the great ones: Faulkner, Fero Williams, Greg Thompson Jr., and many, many others, to name a few.

And not only is Gohagan an accomplished player, he’s also a modern day ambassador — and he might not even know it.

Gohagan is someone for today’s younger African American generation to look up to and to aspire to be like.

A local African American youth bowler I work with, when asked who his favorite bowler was — without hesitation — answered George Gohagan III. Didn’t even consider any of the current PBA standouts.

And Gohagan is very active in the African American bowling community, as well. He routinely participates and supports the TNBA all over the country, bowling all of their bigger events and many of his local senate tournaments.

He’s a name that everyone knows. He’s a face that everyone recognizes. He’s an accomplished bowler, a legend amongst his own community, and a hero for so many younger competitors. Gohagan may or may not realize it, but what he means to the African American community today cannot he overstated. So we couldn’t have a Black History Month without honoring him for what he’s done and what he continues to do.