Get to Know Greg Young

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, but, today, we’ll be talking with a very talented young man. He is a past Team USA member, a PBA Regional Champion, and a Collegiate National Champion, but he’s also in charge of our ball videos. So, today, we’ll be getting to know our video guy, Greg Young.

Inspiration to bowl:

My love for the sport and wanting to be known as one of the best.

Biggest influences in bowling:

So many great options to choose from, but I will go with Chris Barnes and Tommy Jones. The reason I chose them is because they’ve had a ton of success on tour, but have also been able to bowl for Team USA year after year, and have had tons of success with that, as well, which is truly where I dream to be in the future.

Biggest influences in life:

I would say my biggest influences in my life are my parents and grandparents. Without them literally nothing would have been possible.

Biggest bowling achievement:

Earning my way through college free of charge, through youth bowing events like Junior Gold, Teen Masters, and local ones (Loschetters, FJBT, KYPS). Bowling internationally for Team USA is a close second.

Biggest bowling goal:

Make a career within the sport and help the sport grow. I always want to be bowling, but also coaching, working in a shop, and whatever other bowling-related opportunities may show themselves in the future.

Greatest bowling memory:

Team Gold at the Junior World Championships in Hong Kong; it is still surreal to me when I think about it.

Biggest bowling regret:

Making decisions that didn’t make me happy. Whatever they may be.

Best tip you’ve ever received:

“One shot at a time, and to always believe in yourself.” One of the greatest mentors I could have ever asked for would alway call me and tell me this, along with how much he believed in me. Thank you, Sandy Finklestein.

Favorite ball:

Favorite ball ever is the Marvel S. My favorite ball currently is the Purple Hammer. I use it a lot.

Favorite layout:

With my speed and ball roll, stronger layouts tend to roll better for me. 4.5-4.75s.

What are you working on (if anything) right now:

Getting better at lane play, ball choices, and layouts. Physically, I feel pretty sharp. Just have to take the next step.

Past and present coaches:

Growing up, I had a lot. Tom Blasco, Sandy Finklestein, and Craig Hanson, to name a few. Currently, I work primarily with John Gaines and Michael Cousins. I sent Michael videos weekly and we evaluate things. And I try to work with John some when I’m home from college.

High game:

300 (no idea how many)

High set:

I honestly can’t remember. 8-something, but I am drawing a blank.

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