The Storm Fate Bowling Ball Is The Best Belmo Ball To Date

The Storm Fate is the latest bowling ball collaboration between the worlds best bowler Jason Belmonte and Storm! In my opinion it's the best one to date

Storm Fate Bowling Ball

The Belmo story would not be the same if his path didn’t cross with Storm. For over 20 years they have formed a formidable team. Winning titles globally as an amateur and then breaking records and setting the PBA Tour on fire together for over adecade. The partnership between Storm and Belmo was not luck, it was their FATE. For a ball to be emblazoned with Jason Belmonte’s insignia, you know it must be special. After all, his 14 majors and multiple PBA Player of the Year accolades is no small feat. This man knows what he’s talking about, so we’ve enlisted his help in designing some of the highest performing balls on the market, balls which reflect his career.

Compared to the Dual-Drive™, Piston™, and Piston™ LD, the F-8 Core in the Fate has been packed with more differential than any previous Belmo ball before it. With those enhanced dynamics, the Fate gives the player more recovery and hitting power than any previous collaboration. This newly designed weight block was created to play multiple angles and have superior performance no matter your rev rate.
















so it all started with a Timeless then
we got the drive then the promotion then
the trend then the trend two and now we
have the latest collaboration between
Storm bowling and Jason Belmonte the
Fate so make sure to hit that like
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of the jerseys in any of my videos and use my promo code
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entire order and then down below in the
description there should be a link where
you can order a fate or anything bowling
related it is the absolute best way to
help support the channel so before we
get into anything I just want to tell
you guys how much I love the logo for
the Fate I got a tattoo I’ve had this
for 10 years the infinity symbol is my
favorite like symbol ever so I’m glad to
see it on a bowling ball and I have
really high hopes for this bowling ball
and I’ll get to that in a second so
let’s get into some of the tech behind
this all new fate it features the f8
core which is cool kind of cool like the
Fate so it features the f8 core which in
15 pounds has an rgfg 2.52 and a Max
differential of 0.053 again that is in
15 pounds and then wrapped around that
f8 core is the Rex Pearl cover stock
that comes out of box at that reactive
gloss finish so the reason I have really
high hopes for this bowling ball is
because I loved the Specter now while
this is not a specter replacement the
core numbers are pretty similar this
definitely has a stronger cover stock
than that bowling ball had so what I’m
looking for out of this bowling ball is
two things one easy length through the
front and a lot of continuation down
Lane Jason Belmonte put out a video of
him throwing this ball and they had some
crazy continuation and that’s exactly
what I’m looking for the two centers
that I bowl at Sam’s Town in Southpoint
both really like bowling balls that are
clean through the fronts especially in
that transition once the lane starts to
break down so that’s exactly what we’re
going to take a look at today we’re
going to be here at Samsung on lane four
which because Lane one and two are
having its own issues we’re going to be
on lane four on a fresh typical house
shot let me know Down Below in the
comments if you guys are excited for
this latest installment of the Jason
Belmonte collaboration series The Fate
why or why not let’s get on the lanes
all right first shot of the video here
reviewing the all-new storm fate
we’re going to start a little bit
straighter and then work our way in as
we need throughout the video
so I assume that we’re starting this
straight just because it’s a Polish ball
with a high RG
on a fresh house shot here
all right so let’s just start moving
left already we’ll go two and one left
off that four pin I thought I threw it
at least pretty good
let’s repeat that here
there we go
all right so I think I’m in the right
spot so we’re just going to go right
back to it
and just try to repeat repeat here
Hook from there
yeah that that shot right there was
impressive because I got it right a
little bit
and it’s still saw it
seven nine
all right that 479 is hilarious I did
throw it slow though so that’s
the reason there
let’s just firm up make a good one here
shot there
yeah that shot that last shot there was
a full mile an hour faster than the 479
so let’s stay a little firmer here and
trust it
yeah now I know that I can trust it with
the speed I like what I’m seeing so far
fate fate all right let’s just let’s
just keep executing here so I think we
got a good thing from here
oh I drifted right that’s a terrible
oh that’s so bad well that’s why we do
these reviews on a house shot so we can
get away with horrific shots like that
but then when we throw a good one
almost seven nine hey that’s bowling for
you there throw a terrible shot strike
very next one throw a good one almost
seven nine
that’s another good one
got lucky that time I guess all right
one more shot here before our first
little mini break let’s end on a good
one here
pretty good shot there
all right so we are done with the first
12 shots throwing the all-new fate
I like it I I think it’s a pretty good
ball I can’t imagine that I’m gonna
throw this a whole lot on the fresh
it’s a little too clean a little too
jumpy for the fresh but I definitely
think that as the lanes develop as the
lanes transition I think that this is
going to be like a really good go-to
ball like maybe when my phase five is a
little bit too early a little bit too
rolly I can get into something like this
fate and I think that’s going to be the
big thing because the dark code has the
same cover as this ball and I didn’t
like it with the Polish or with the 4K
the night Road has the same cover and I
mostly don’t like the night Road it’s
like it’s it’s good in a vacuum
but overall I’m mostly not throwing the
night Road
but this one I think because of that
reactor gloss finish it makes it a
little bit more user friendly and like I
said I’ll know more once we start to
transition the lanes a little bit and I
start to really Chase it left we’ll
start to see if this ball is going to be
one of those really really good balls or
if it’s just going to be another one of
those average bowling balls that mostly
doesn’t see Lane play so far I like it a
lot let’s get back on the lanes and
start to chase it left a little bit all
right this is going to be like a three
or four board jump in I don’t know if
it’s ready or not for it but we’re going
to try
let’s see how that oh that’s good okay
so that’s that’s pretty good all right
so the first one can strike sure let’s
see how
it does when we keep throwing shots from
there make sure it wasn’t a fluke
bang all right so we’re looking for the
same result minus the stick at the foul
that’s that’s the big thing here is to
execute another good shot
all right clean the bottom of my shoe
tested the approaches a few times off
hopefully this will be it right here
yeah now that the lanes are
transitioning a little bit I think this
looks really good
got that one right let’s see
yeah so far I think this ball is just
going to be the absolute nut when I got
to get left and kind of just bend it a
little bit
yeah this is going to be in the bag for
League next week for sure
for sure
if it does that oh yeah it’s in the bag
like belmo boom
yeah pardon my uh my excitement here I
just I like how clean it is and I like
how continuous it is
I’m impressed with this good job belmo
just a fluke shot there
so I think we can start creeping left
I’ll throw a couple more from here and
then we’ll do that on the next group of
that has to fall that has to fall yeah
that ball had no chance I threw it
horrifically I went back and rewatched
so let’s be better here before our
second break here
pretty good there yeah we’re gonna start
moving so I think those 12 shots were
more telling than the first 12 shots
because obviously now there’s a little
bit of transition on the lanes this is
more like the situation when we would
throw something like this fate and I
like it more in the second group than
the first group now look it’s easy for a
new ball first time going down the lane
to roll good I’m looking to see as we
progress through this video throwing
more and more shots even over the next
couple weeks
how this ball if it’s going to continue
to roll pretty amazing like it does now
or is it going to kind of Tamer down
into something else
right now I think it’s a pretty
unbelievable look and look I’m not
sponsored by Jason Belmonte I can say
whatever I want about this ball and I
really like it I think he did a really
good job all right so this is going to
be like another two or three left I
think we can benefit here from moving in
a little bit
let’s go right back to that same spot I
did not plan on leaking it right like
that so let’s not miss right here
that’s right where I want it
good shot yeah so that was a much better
shot but it is nice to know that I have
some bounce to the right but let’s not
abuse that
so early I almost seven nine toward the
nine fell now I almost have a nine with
a seven fell maybe this one will just be
where they all fall
so that last shot there is the worry
shot for me that the cover is just a
little too strong for how big the core
is to really get left and shape it
so let’s repeat that see if we can get
it to come around the corner
on that one
yeah so when I keep it in it looks good
but like this shot here I really want to
try to get it right
and as I move left see if it still comes
around the corner
that’s a better shot
in the corner maybe that last one was so
let’s make like a pretty big move here
try to keep it in not necessarily trying
to shove it right
and see how it handles a little volume
I was there
pretty good yeah I think that’s been the
best look so far actually move
everything in keep it in the oil and
trying not to shove it right see if we
can repeat that here
just kind of shove that right and you
got light let’s not shove it there all
right let me show you guys one more good
one and then I’ll throw a couple shots
two-handed since it is the bellmobile
just don’t make fun of my two-handed
game it sucks
that’s right where I want it there
that’s right where I wanted it all right
let me move left tap into my inner belmo
and make a good shot oh it’s been a long
time since I threw a ball two-handed
it’s not bad
it is easy
all right one more two-handed shot I’m
gonna try to project this one right a
see how this looks
let’s throw one more this is fun
okay done
two-handed we’re tired all right well
there you have it there was the Fate we
balled on a fresh typical house shot
there was a lot of good things to take
away from it one kinda not so great
thing to take away from it I think
that the cover’s too strong for me again
like for me I know that my ball rolls
way different than everyone else’s
for me when I get left and try to shove
it right
no way I have other balls that fit that
Niche a little better
like the phase five again it’s a weaker
Pearl cover stock and I am going to do a
comparison phase five to the Fate just
to see what those differences are but
some of the things I really loved about
this ball is that on the fresh it didn’t
look as bad as I thought it would being
a high RG High differential super shiny
ball and then once that transitional
phase hit I thought it looked fantastic
and then even when I moved in and I kept
it a little bit tight I thought it
looked pretty good and then yeah those
two-handed shots guys I those first two
were a fluke my two-handed game sucks
maybe I should work on it and add it
into the actually actually let me know
in the comments for some of you
two-handers who watch my videos would
you like for me to throw a couple shots
in my Ball Reviews two-handed just so
that you guys can see a little bit
different of a ball motion let me know
because I think maybe we can maybe I can
work on my two-handed game a little bit
thank you guys so much for watching my
video I appreciate it belmo I think you
hit a home run with the Fate I know
you’re probably not watching but if you
are I think you hit a home run we’ll see
how this ball develops in after a
month’s worth of games stuff like that
but I really like what I’m seeing on day
one so good job click right here to
watch another one of my videos click
right here to subscribe till next time

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