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About Us

BowlersMart opened their first store in 2004 in Hudson Florida as Cliff Barnes' Pro Shop. Our goals were simple:

      1) Offer the best customer service at the lowest possible prices.
      2) Have a wide variety of inventory readily available for same day service.
      3) Have clean, bright well merchandised stores.
      4) Help our customers enjoy the sport as much as possible so they can reach their goals.
      5) Help grow the game of bowling by repeating steps 1 through 4.


Since 2004 we have grown to be one of the largest retailers in the country with 33 stores and counting and now offer the website with the same values as our stores.

Our low no haggle price in store is the same as our website so you can be assured you are getting the best possible prices and service.

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In-Store Services

Custom Fitting - At BowlersMart we understand no two hands are exactly the same. The fit of the ball by one of our trained industry professionals is the building block to enjoying the game pain free. For a quality fitting experience visit the BowlersMart location nearest you.

Full Service Bowling Ball Drilling and Repair - Our skilled store managers offer the following services to get your ball reacting like new:

  • Drilling (We have the latest bowling ball milling machines with digital read outs to insure the best fit and accuracy on all of your equipment)
  • Plugging and Redrilling ( We can take any ball and completely plug and relocate the holes to maximize the balls performance or make the fit optimal)
  • Resurfacing ( Removes most nicks and scratches and returns the ball to it's factory surface and condition)
  • Oil Extraction ( Reactive ball hook because they absorb oil causing friction with the lane. Removing the oil opens the pours allowing for oil to be reabsorbed so your ball can hook like new again)
  • Finger Inserts ( Grips increase the comfort and the amount of lift and control you have on your ball, change them every 90 games or so to keep your game at optimal scoring ability)
  • Cleaning, Sanding and Polishing (We have a complete line of abrasives and cleaners to maintain your equipment)


Retailer For All Major Brands - We offer a full line of all of the major brands including but not limited to Storm - Hammer - Roto Grip - Brunswick - DV8 - Columbia 300 - Ebonite - Track - KR - Dexter - BSI - and can special order any other brands not listed on our website or in our stores.


Professional Lessons - Each of our store managers are accomplished bowlers who love to share their knowledge of the game. Whether you are a beginner or scratch player speak to your local BowlersMart store manager about ways to improve your game. We also offer camps and clinics for all skill levels and programs like Camp Bakes for the serious top level bowler. For a list of camps, clinics and events visit the events section.