When To Consider Taking A Bowling Lesson By Gold Coach Richard Shockley

Why You Should Take A Bowling Lesson As A New Bowler

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In all my years of coaching bowling, I have been asked by many new bowlers should they take a lesson from me or just try and figure things out on their own. Of course, since I coach for a living, I suggest we spend some time together.

Mastering the fundamentals will allow you, as it does in all sports, the chance to excel at a much faster rate and not get discouraged. There are occasions that I have seen where many new bowlers can improve on their own with no help. They are gifted athletes with above average hand eye coordination and possess raw natural abilities. It would be nice if we all were fortunate enough to be so lucky. Unfortunately, though, we are not. Such is life, I suppose.

How Should I Get My First Bowling Ball Drilled?

For those of us that aren’t so lucky, a qualified instructor will be able to see your flaws and hopefully they will video you to help identify what you need to improve upon much faster. If you have purchased an entry level ball and your pro shop operator has decided to drill it with a conventional fit your instructor can identify if you are ready to move up to a fingertip. So many students will ask when are they ready for the change. I have always suggested to go fingertip as quickly as possible. Of course some kids will be the exception because they do not have the hand strength yet.

I do not disagree with pro shop operators who suggest a fingertip grip to begin with. It will be their judgement depending on the customer and what they decide is best for them.

Bowling Lessons Are For All Skill Levels

As for the bowlers that aren’t beginners, especially if you are a highly skilled player, don’t shy away from a bowling lesson, regardless of how talented you are. There may be times when your game suffers and you need a second set of eyes to get your game back on track. The majority of professional golfers have a swing coach . . . even Tiger.

I have been very fortunate to have worked with many professional tour players who needed some help. With the aid of video analysis it is usually something minor to get them on track again. Many times, I have only spent fifteen minutes with them to discuss the problem and then they are good to go. At their level they see it, feel it, and do it. In other words, in my opinion, never be too prideful to ask for help when you’re struggling. Sometimes, it just takes another set of eyes and another opinion to open up a whole new level of play. Give it a try.

So, in essence, no matter what level you are at, I recommend that you not shy away from taking a lesson. Go out their with what you have learned and enjoy our sport and have yourself some fun!

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